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SABBEX has received showcasing awards at the Miami International Boat Show.

SABBEX members are regularly nominated for various international boating awards such as: Cruising World Boat of the Year, SAIL Best Boats, Show Boats, Miami Boat Show Consumer Choice, World Superyacht and Nautical Design Awards.

Locally, a few SABBEX members were nominees or winners in the prestigious Cape Chamber of Commerce Exporter of the Year Awards.


South Africa is bordered by the Atlantic and Indian Oceans providing a wealth of maritime opportunities, comprising of eight commercial harbours and numerous fishing harbours dotted along the coastline. For centuries the Cape of Good Hope has been an ideal stopover for sailors, bringing maritime, naval and artisanal influences from abroad. This has contributed to the development of expert craftsmen comprising much of the boatbuilding industry’s labour force today.


The South African boat building industry is a dynamic sector with a wide range of occupations and careers on offer.

One can enter and pursue a career in the industry in a variety of ways by either entering a formal boat building training programme or by training in a related career and applying for a position in a boat building yard.

With the latter choice your skills can further be adapted to the requirements of the marine sector.

The Yacht & Boat Building Academy at False Bay College in Cape Town was established in 2006 and offers a recognised registered 3-year programme, with substantial focus on experiential learning in the industry.

The Whisper Boat Building Academy also offers a recognised boat building programme, with a special focus of accommodating students with hearing disabilities. The academies enjoy an average work placement of students in the industry of 75% with a boat building apprenticeship programme currently being finalised.

For more detailed information, read the Careers booklet developed by MIASA

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