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  • Create consumer confidence by being associated to an export council supported by the Dti
  • Access to market research
  • Assistance in maintaining current market share
  • Assistance in growing market share via exhibitions, missions and trade fairs
  • To maximise SA exposure in creating brand awareness
  • Create exposure for members via directories, websites and other marketing collateral
  • Greater access to a variety of government departments and assistance with marketing abroad
  • To inform the international boat buying public about the Code of Conduct and promote our members, who all adhere to the Code
  • To ascertain obstacles to further growth in companies’ export potential and development of BEE exporters
  • Ensure the interests of SA manufacturers are represented at the international associations
  • Facilitate attendance of Dti exporter training events, identify and mentor new exporters for trade shows
  • Assistance with applying for and claiming the Dti Export Incentives
  • Active lobbying with Government
  • Networking amongst members
  • Access to industry research and export figures
  • Free full company listing on the SABBEX website and listing in the industry directory for distribution worldwide
  • Information regarding export finance assistance
  • Opportunities to receive export enquiries from around the world
  • Access to skills development and support
  • Representation at boat shows


R12,000 per annum

Manufacturing and exporting boats, and participating in the SABBEX Accreditation programme.*

R5,000 per annum

One of:

  • Companies manufacturing associated products for export;
  • Companies providing export related services.

R2,000 per annum

One of:

New and existing companies manufacturing for less than 2 years;

New and existing companies exporting for less than 2 years;

Companies with reinstated membership (at the discretion of the SABBEX Board)


  • Membership is valid from January to December and is automatically renewed.
  • Membership fees are payable annually on invoice.
  • If membership lapses, or is cancelled by SABBEX, the member will be awarded Emerging status upon re-application.


Participation in the SABBEX Accreditation programme requires the following:


  • Manufacturing and exporting for more than 2 years
  • Reinstated membership for minimum of 1 year
  • Complete audit checklist
  • Be inspected and audited by SABBEX appointed surveyor

It is incumbent on us to inform you that SABBEX is a voluntary organization, and is therefore not obliged to automatically accept applicants. Every applicant is rigorously screened to ensure that members are of the highest possible standing. SABBEX reserves the right to cancel membership. Memberships which are cancelled will receive no refund.


  • Members should support the aim and objectives of the organisation at all time
  • Obtain approval from SABBEX prior to use of SABBEX logo / Accreditation logo
  • Practice fair and responsible standards as set out by SABBEX stakeholders
  • Maintain and enhance quality of products offered by your company
  • Follow sensible environmental practices
  • Help promote SABBEX as the preferred Export Council to all staff, customers, suppliers and stakeholders
  • Members should try to purchase locally manufactured goods where possible, before importing products.
  • Members should agree to furnish SABBEX with information required for research and reports compiled for its stakeholders. SABBEX does recognize the member’s right to withhold information deemed sensitive or private. All requested information will be treated confidentially and will be used collectively for research purposes.
  • It is compulsory for SABBEX members to attend the SABBEX Annual General Meeting.
  • SABBEX members need to conduct themselves in a professional transparent manner.
  • Should SABBEX receive a credible complaint about a member, SABBEX will request the member to resolve the issue, and if necessary, SABBEX will suspend membership until resolution.


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