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Working closely with the national Department of Trade and Industry (dti) for their support of various industry incentive schemes, SABBEX has successfully facilitated individual inbound investment missions, resulting in the forging of strong and on-going partnerships with foreign brands.

SABBEX assists prospective investors, putting them in contact with those SABBEX members that represent the best fit for the job profile, accessing dti incentive schemes for a more cost-effective experience.

The turnaround time for planning and facilitation can take up to two months before reaching final approval stage.

Reimbursement for approved missions

The inbound investment mission incentive scheme includes the following allowances in reimbursement for approved missions:*

Economy Class Return Airfare to a maximum of ZAR 17,000

Subsistence Allowance (up to 5 days) ZAR 2,300 per day

Vehicle Rental (up to 5 days) ZAR 300 per day

*We are currently in the process of negotiating for special fares as well as tourism packages.

Criteria for an investor to benefit of the above incentive scheme:

The business invited must have a large buying/investment capacity and a representative capable of making the necessary decisions and concluding contracts timeously.

The offering is extended towards a foreign expert with industry knowledge, skills or experience to transfer.

  • The mission member must attend all business appointments and functions.
  • The dti will not consider follow-up visits.
  • The buyer/investor must not have had previous relations with the company.

Application Requirements

As a potential investor, the following information, supporting documentation or commitment will be needed for our application for the above mission incentives:

  • Objectives of the mission
  • Investment potential of the investors
  • Detailed itinerary with objectives for daily activities (SABBEX can assist)
  • A profile of the invited company, such as a website etc., as well as a letter from the foreign company confirming the designation of the investor.
  • Detailed business plan for the Investment Mission

Reporting Requirements

In order to successfully claim the reimbursement, the following reporting will be required

  • Value of Export Orders/Investments generated during mission
  • Specify value of expected Orders/ Investments generated as a result of mission
  • Major problems experienced in South Africa should be specified
  • An indication should be provided of South Africa’s suitability as a future supplier
  • Specify the names of companies to be interacted with in future to secure export/investments contracts

The Dti can also assist investors with the following business facilitation services

  • Facilitation of visas for business purposes;
  • Inter-governmental co-ordination and regulatory facilitation;
  • Facilitation of inward and outward investment missions, including travel itineraries;
  • Introduction to business organizations, industry bodies and service providers;
  • Introduction of investors to key stakeholders in private and public sectors;
  • Investor Road Map facilitation through dedicated account managers;
  • Introduction of investors to potential joint venture partners and black economic partnerships;
  • Guidance with plant/site locations;
  • Facilitation in the obtaining of finance and incentives;
  • Logistical support for relocation;
  • Business linkages and partnership with local and foreign companies;
  • Provision of specific solutions to any problems that may arise after the initial investment;
  • Advisory support on relocation;
  • Aftercare, retention and expansion service; and
  • Assistance with work permits applications, company registration and environmental impact facilitation.

Doing business in South Africa

A good guide for investors about the dynamics and principles involved in the South African business environment is the Investor’s Handbook publication.


For Business Permit legislation and application forms, go to this link 


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