Strategy, Vision and Objectives


SABBEX, or the South African Boat Builders Export Council, is a national export council registered with the Department of Trade and Industry with the primary purpose of promoting South Africa as a globally competitive and reputable boat building nation.

Through developing awareness around the manufacture of boats, yachts, multihulls, catamarans, vessels and inflatables in South Africa to the international market, SABBEX aims to assist industry with access to markets and export marketing activities, and help gain traction in specific markets around the world.

The annual SABBEX business plan promotes the South African boat building industry through:

  • Export Promotion
  • Export Development
  • Market Prioritisation


  • The representation and promotion of the South African boat building industry to the foreign market.
  • The assistance and encouragement of South African boat builders to achieve and maintain the optimum level of competitiveness both locally and internationally.
  • The effective motivation of international importers, designers and end-users to favour the manufacture of boats in South Africa where competitively possible.
  • To facilitate synergy amongst its members.
  • To promote the export growth of its members.
  • The lobbying of government organisations in South Africa on behalf of the boat building industry.
  • The promotion of new investment and job creation in the boat building industry.
  • The cultivation of an in-depth knowledge of its members’ resources, facilities and capabilities in order to best fulfill its objectives.
  • The promotion of guided foreign market growth within the industry and satellite service industries.
  • The collective assistance of members with identified needs in such fields as export orders, training, marketing and promotion, technology etc.
  • The promotion of the South African boat building industry to potential investors and end-users in foreign markets.
  • The assimilation and communication of up-to-date information and market intelligence, which could lead to growth of foreign sales for the local boat building industry.
  • The organization and hosting of such events or campaigns that might be beneficial to SABBEX members.
  • The facilitation and exchange of ideas within the local boat building industry.


Tim van der Steene
(Chairman)-Tag Yachts

Craig Garrow
-Pronto Clearing
Rudi Pretorius
-Maverick Yachts
Shereen Robertson
-Cruiser Cats



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